Why Core Strengthening Makes You Slower! Do This Instead

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  • In today’s episode we got to speak to Expert Movement Specialist, Injury Prevention Coach and Osteopath Dr Jordan Moncrieff, who is a great friend of TriVelo and someone that we put ultimate trust in with our own bodies as our movement coach.

As a young, highly talented footballer, chronic injury limited Jordan's capacity to train and compete at the highest level.

It also gave him the biggest gift – a powerful reason to explore effective movement & training.

Jordan helps his clients identify their movement, posture, breathing, and/or stability gaps, and together help them fill those gaps with a combined approach, using both Osteopathy and Exercise Rehabilitation for the most effective & long-term results.  

Dr Moncrieff has worked with professional athletes across multiple sports to help them achieve peak performance. Athletes including AFL footballers, as well as cyclists and triathletes, especially with the most common problem, back pain. 

Keys to the episode:

How Jordan spent years with groin pain unable to fix his injury
The “left of field” method that was finally the solution (the same method that had helped AFL legends Chris Judd and Luke Hodge)
Exactly what is this “unconventional” method?
How is it different from a traditional strength and conditioning program?
Why squeezing or tightening your core is actually worse for you
How you can use this method to improve your efficiency in all movements (swimming, cycling, and running)
Why having more “abs” could actually be worse for your performance
The unexpected benefits of this approach for your long term health
Why we need to model infants for effective strength and conditioning programming
And a whole lot more wisdom.

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